Frequently Asked Questions


What is Sibs?

Sibs is a mobile platform for people to transact by trading items with one another in a social marketplace.

How do I trade items?

First, sign into the app using something that can verify your identity with a linked account (like Google, Apple, or Facebook). Once you're in the app, you'll see items other users have listed populate in your feed based on interests you have selected. In order to start a trade, you'll need to create a listing for an item you own that you would like to offer. Then just hit the big yellow "Trade" button at the bottom of the screen on any item you see.

What items can I trade?

You can trade anything besides illegal items/services, guns, houses, cars, and alcohol. If you opt to trade a "service" you should be careful to ensure the description is clear what that will entail. Sibs cannot guarantee the quality or accuracy of any items traded so be sure to ask as many questions as you need to ensure you’ve got a fair trade.

Can I trade multiple items at a time?

Yes! The platform provides flexibility to create a trade item "group" on either side. This means you can propose a trade where you offer multiple items in exchange for a single item (or multiple items!) from the other party. This is accomplished by hitting either the "edit" button or the "+" button in the trade screen for the respective user.

Do I have to ship the items I'm trading?

As of now we support shipping only but will be implementing a local trading option in the near future, so stay tuned!

What information of mine is shared with other users?

Everyone on Sibs can see comments, likes, and listed items. DMs between you and another user that you have proposed a trade with are private. Information on your profile page is public besides the shipping address which is only used to generate shipping labels when a trade completes.

How do I let the Sibs community know I want a specific item?

If you would like to request a specific item, download a picture of what you are looking for to your phone and create a listing with the title "Looking for" and the item name. In the description you can add more details about what you are looking for. When someone offers to "Trade" against that listing, you (or the other user) can then replace the "Looking for" entry with an actual item to complete the trade.

What happens if I change my mind about the trade or get a better offer?

If you have proposed a trade and the other user has not yet accepted it, you have the option to "Withdraw" the trade (i.e. if something happened to the item). You can also "Decline" proposed trades that you are not interested in. If you end up with a variety of offers, just accept the proposed trade that suits you best...! Once a trade is accepted, it will automatically cancel all other trades that include those same items.

How quickly do I need to ship an item for a completed trade?

We would ask that you try to ship the item within 3 business days of receiving the shipping label.

What if the other user I've traded with never sends me the item?

If you have any issues with a completed trade such as an item not matching the description or an item that was never sent, please reach out to

I want to trade again with a user I've traded with before. How do I do that?

Easy. Once you have proposed a trade with a user, they will always show up in your "My Trades" area. If you click on their picture, you can quickly see what other items that person has available and propose new trades.

Can I offer a service in trade?

You can but be aware this carries additional risks as Sibs cannot verify how a service is traded. Also, be aware that if it is a service you offer on a consistent basis (i.e. through a personal business) it may be taxable against the fair market value of the item(s) that are traded.

Can I offer items that can be customized?

Yes, if you want to provide a customizable item, provide details as to what aspects of the item are customizable in the listing description. The other user can then communicate their preferences via DMs.

How do I know other people in the Sibs community can be trusted?

The Sibs platform includes moderation tools that prevent illicit items from being added to the platform. Additionally, the Sibs team will directly facilitate shipping and logistics aspects to ensure trades are as seamless as possible. In future releases, we will plan to add tools geared to show "Reputation" so that users who have good trading history are rewarded with better item and profile visibility.